Well aren’t you in for an absolute shitfest! 

 If you have never listened to an episode of the award losing, smash flop podcast ‘Complete Drivel’ then why the fuck did you buy tickets to the live show. 

The show will be just an unplanned bunch of stories from my childhood and updates on my sex life. I will try my hardest to keep you entertained for 40 minutes but as this is the first time I have done a solo show I can’t help but feel there will be moments where I forget what I am saying mid sentence and just stare into the crowd. 

 I will hopefully be taking the show on the road later next year and visiting the rest of Australia. Sadly, due to certain limitations, I am unable to get to see all of your beautiful home towns. 

 I would however like to ask you what would like to hear in the show. Are there any questions you want answered? Or do you want to pry even further into my life and ask something a little risky. 

 If so send me an email completedrivelpodcast@gmail.com 

 I am so looking forward to see you there. FYI I annoyingly sold out a lot quicker than I thought. I was hoping there would be space right up until the night so I could talk about the show and invite people and do a competition. 

 Actually Ill ask the touring company if we can to a comp. Stay tuned!