This has gone from ridiculous to insane. The Coles mini collectable craze (of which I feel like a key contributor) is now getting out of hand.

Rumours are spreading thick and fast about the next range of Coles minis. Sadly the rumours are that there will be between 6 – 8 items in the next collection, which I think is nowhere near enough. The items are believed to be things you find in your school lunch box, this excites me greatly.

While they are just rumours at this stage my sources seem to say that it’s true. (these are very unreliable sources but I am just going to believe them.)

My money is on an Apple, Just Juice Popper, Muesli Bar, Le Snack and Smiths Chips.

I hope the folder is a Lunch Box some are suggesting it will be a school bag.

I am not going to lie I am super excited about. Why? I don’t know! I wish I had an answer as to why a 32 year old single man loved collecting these.

What I find interesting is I think that more adults collect these than kids so I would strongly recommend Coles make a version for adults that contain these items: Condoms, Panadol, Blue Cheese, Olives, Hummus, Wine, and Beer.