We have heaps of shitty weekly prizes as well as behind the scenes video that we don’t share anywhere else and some extra bonus videos as well as early access to content.

*All prizes are won via contests based on merit or actions taken, not random selection.

Select a membership level


$5 /month

  • Early Access To All YouTube Videos
  • Delete Scenes & Bonus Footage
  • The Prize Wheel: Name In Jar

Sometimes you just want to experience the tip before you take it all in. This is the perfect tier to do that. You get a very basic idea of what we post.

You will get early access to our YouTube uploads. See deleted scenes and any bonus clips we shot that didn’t make the final edit.

You also get your name in the prize jar and the chance to win some stuff we have laying around the office.


$10 /month

  • Exclusive Videos & Video Series
  • Follow On Instagram
  • Behind The Scenes Content
  • Early Access To Merch Drops
  • Merch Discount Codes + Early Access
  • The Prize Wheel: Name In The Exclusive Jar

You obviously want more than ‘Just The Tip’ so we will give you everything in the tier below plus a stack more benefits.

We upload exclusive videos not seen anywhere else as well as very early access to video series we produce. Our current series is ‘The Discomfort Zone’.

Take a peek behind the curtain with uploads of behind the scenes videos and pics of what we get up to when we aren’t filming. We will follow you on Instagram and add you as a close friend so you get to see all our secret IG stories (no one else but you get access to these).

I have an online store where I sell many inappropriate things. fkoffshop.com if you want to have a look. This tier gets you early access to new merch (so you can buy things without worrying if they will sell out) as well as exclusive discount codes.

Oh and you also get your name in the jar for our prize wheel. Your name goes in a more exclusive jar!


$20 /month

  • Shout Out On The Podcast
  • Compete In Games On The Podcast
  • Exclusive Access To Videos Of The Podcast
  • Access To Our Hotline Number
  • Listed In Our Listener Phone Book
  • Exclusive Voting Power
  • Represented By A Lego Figurine

You’re thinking about joining the most exclusive and funnest of all the tiers! Personally I think this is where its at. You not only get everything thats listed in the two Tiers below but a huge amount more.

Firstly my favourite part of this tier is that you get a little lego figurine made in your honour and placed in our ‘Complete Drivellers’ hall of fame.

You will also get exclusive access to the videos of each full episode. These are not posted anywhere else. You can now watch my face as I awkwardly explain the different X-rated disasters I get myself into.

You will love this next one! You will not only get a shout out on an episode when you join but also added into our ‘Listener Phone Book’. It is a call back register that I refer to when ever I need help or advice on a topic. You fill in the form and then at any stage (if you so wish) I can call you and discuss a topic with you and get you help!

You also get to vote on discussion topics and video ideas as well as gain access to our podcast hotline number. This number is where you can leave voicemails and send questions (through Whats App) that i’ll answer and even play on the podcast.

The final benefit is playing a game one on one with me! You will have a chance to go head to head with me on a random game of our choosing. If you win you get the exclusive Complete Drivel keyring of champions.

Moth-er of All Legends

$50 /month

  • Birthday Cameos
  • Two Commemorative Pins
  • Zoom Nights
  • Welcome Pack + Hand Written Note
  • Video Message
  • Represented By A Lego Figurine

Well this is an honour! You’re thinking about become the Moth-er Of All Legends! You automatically become a ‘Complete Driveller’ and get everything those legends get.

You however are my favourite of all the humans! To commemorate my favouritism, upon joining you will receive a welcome pack that contains two commemorative pins & a hand written note of thanks!

You will also get to join 2 zoom calls a year where we get to have a drink and a chat. Just shoot the breeze!

After the first three months of your subscription you get:

A birthday Cameo for you and 3 friends. You can ask this of me at any time of the year.

video message from the team to welcome you as an official legend.

The Dealers

$50 /month

  • 3 Bespoke Artworks A Year

Ok the fact you’re even reading this is insane! This is the bat-shit crazy tier only open to three people.

You get everything listed in ever tier!

However this tier is a far more involved and more of an emotional one. I grew up in a very artistic house hold and absolutely love making art. Mum taught me so many different things and my happy place is on my balcony making something insane.

What I offer for you is a one on one zoom call and a discussion about making you a custom art work. We can have a discussion and I can get to know you and make something to reflect your personality.

Over the course of the year Im happy to make you 3 artworks! They will be filmed and documented.





Sign up to Patreon for access to exclusive videos, early access to merch drops, exclusive discount codes and more!




Sign up to Patreon for access to exclusive videos, early access to merch drops, exclusive discount codes and more!