It seems that we may have caused such hysteria about Caramilk that it has caused Cadbury to run out of stock.

I got the word on the down low recently about the fact that Caramilk had been so popular that the demand was too overwhelming and that we were expected to run out of stock by early November. 

Well it seems that the cat is out of the bag.

In this DM to a facebook message Cadbury confirmed that the rumours were true.

“Hi Emma. The batch we made for the return of Caramilk will be largely sold out by mid-November. However Caramilk will return to shelves in 2020 as an ongoing product within our Cadbury Family Blocks range. In the meantime, you can look forward to a Cadbury Caramilk product in an entirely new format – stay tuned”

While this is devastating news for addicts like me, I am excited by the confirmation of a brand new item which is more than likely the Caramilk Twirl.

A photo of the product was leaked yesterday and has sent me into a panic. 

If you haven’t got your hands on any Caramilk I have a stack that I am giving away to people who have signed up to my Facebook Supporter Page